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  • Groovelite is YOUR company.
  • We will provide a forum for discussion; as we know, “discussion is the procession to agreement.”
  • We will provide a unique perspective on fashion, and not the cookie cutter designs of today; we will strive for individuality.
  • We encourage participation.
  • We relish conversation. 
  • We expect to be heard and we intend to listen.
  • Join us in an Artist Intervention”.
  • Tell us what the term Artist Intervention means to you.

The Groovelite name and logo were created and copyrighted by Nicholas P. Covelli and these are the goals he strived to accomplish.

On a very cold early morning in February 2003, Nicholas was bloody, barefoot, dazed and confused, yelling for help to get to a hospital, after having been assaulted.  A Kern County Sheriff's Department deputy in Frazier Park, CA arrived before the ambulance; he shot and killed Nicholas who was totally unarmed and injured.  Anyone who has ANY information regarding this tragic incident, please, please contact us.




We are proud to introduce the publication of The Logician’s Handbook, one of Nicholas' journals filled with his deepest thoughts.  We encourage you to give us your thoughts and reviews on our message board.

On October 8, 1980, Nicholas Patrick Covelli was born in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. The youngest of Anthony and Patricia Covelli’s three children by 10 full years, Nicholas’s childhood resembled that of the family mascot. A predictable and impressionable young boy soon became a unique, free-spirited and creative individual whom his family had more than a little difficulty understanding. After a reluctant march through the prerequisite years of public high school, Nicholas looked forward to the challenge of higher education and enhancing his already talented writing skills, and he enrolled at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Ill. Nicholas wrote many personal journals, but yearned for the opportunity to create a manuscript or a screenplay for a film. He saw California as a Fertile Crescent for his hungry thoughts, and his family helped him move there two months before his 22nd birthday. Nicholas believed he had gained the freedom to pursue his endeavors, but he died tragically six months later on February 9, 2003. A thoughtful collection of philosophy and hope. A hope for cooperation between us all. Some insightful observations of the world we have created, and ideas to evolve to our full potential. “Discussion is the procession to agreement.”


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Groovelite cars racing to the finish line
Groovelite Machine driven by Steve Covelli -2003-
Groovelite Fleetwood flies to the finish line in first -2004-


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